The Cooking Oil with a Spicy Flair

Try our Chile Crunch spicy infused oil to add a heat-infused flair to your dishes. It evokes all of the delicious aspects of our regular Chile Crunch condiment, in the form of an oil. Use it to craft up delightful salad dressings, or simply add it to any dish for a flavorful burst of heat. 

Cook Awesome Asian cuisine with this oil for delicious flavor

Great to cook with Szechuan, beef & broccoli bowl, Japanese spicy ramen, or vVietnamese crunchy onion dish. The taste hints of ancient Mexico. but is surprisingly good with Asian cooking. Unites the Aztec, Mayan, Spanish, and French influences that make Mexico so magical.
Inspired from our most popular best-selling Chile Crunch all natural crunchy condiment. It's a unique and distinctive spicy cooking oil and a delicious artisanal way to cook with the flavors and spices of the ancients.
  • Perfect amount of heat, gluten free, & all natural.
  • High smoke point for better searing, baking & sautéing.
  • Pair with garlic, onions, or crunchy chile flake.
  • Drizzle over asian food or fried meat dish.
  • Non GMO, gluten free, made in small batches.


Perfect Pairings. Share your favorite recipe with us HERE or on our Social MediaDiscover new flavor combinations and uses for it every day.


Taste the magic of Mexico

Raised in Mexico City, I moved to the US and instantly missed the rich diversity of spices and chiles available everywhere in Mexico. Chile Crunch is the product of my vision for a return to the unique, savory blend of flavors from just south of the border.



Garlic, Onion, Chile de Arbol, Non-GMO Sunflower Oil, Salt, Spices

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