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Spice Up Your Life

We all the know the common phrase, “You need some spice in your life!” Now, most of the time people are referring to being bored or feeling bland. We, however, take the phrase very literally. We believe that food can become boring, bland, or repetitive. Even our favorite meals can be shrugged off for take-out simply because we are tired of the same thing.

Since the creation of Chile Crunch, we have found that you can put it on absolutely everything! Scramble up your usual eggs in the morning. Right before serving, top with Chile Crunch and quickly mix into the eggs. It is one of the most delightfully delicious breakfasts that we have had!

Change it up some mornings by topping breakfast potatoes or hash browns instead of the eggs. If you love crackers or bagels with cream cheese, we highly suggest topping the cream cheese with Chile Crunch! If you have been into the Avocado Toast craze, try adding a scoop of Chile Crunch on top... Yum! Each breakfast, even with the same or similar foods, can taste completely different!

Lunch is a great meal for exploring new takes on quick and easy dishes. Salads are easy to switch up the ingredients. We love mixing in some Chile Crunch right into the salad, or by creating a homemade olive oil and vinegar dressing. We instantly became salad eaters!

Soup can easily become boring, especially if you use canned soup. We have it in our mind exactly how it will taste before we have even started cooking it. Right before serving a creamy potato soup, broccoli and cheese soup, or even vegetable soup, add a scoop of Chile Crunch!

Making chicken strips and fries? We have not only mixed Chile Crunch into ketchup and other dips, but we will put a scoop on our plates and use it as its own dip! We love chicken, fish, hot dogs and hamburgers especially!

Of course dinner time is our favorite time of day! The sky is the limit when it comes to the dishes you can create for the family meal. Making a simple pasta? Macaroni and Cheese, Spaghetti, and even Alfredo pastas are all enhanced with some Chile Crunch right on top! Family pizza night might be coming up. Either dip your pizza in some Chile Crunch Ranch or top each slice with Chile Crunch instead of the usual red pepper flakes.
Most families have a stir-fry night. This is the one of the best dishes to experiment with different ingredients and flavors. We love Chile Crunch mixed in at the last second before serving. Do you need a perfect side? Loaded baked potatoes with a little Chile Crunch on top is one of our go-to side dishes. Your family will want seconds!

The best part about Chile Crunch is that it is the perfect condiment. There really isn’t a dish it couldn’t pair with perfectly. We are constantly trying to find new meals to enjoy with Chile Crunch and we highly encourage all our customers to share their recipe creations and pictures with us, in case there is a dish we missed! If you have tried out something new recently with Chile Crunch, please tag us on Instagram or Facebook or email it to us! You may be featured on our Feature Friday social media post!


Click the link above to grab some Chile Crunch and indulge yourself anytime you are in the kitchen! Make sure to check back weekly for more tips, tricks, and recipes and remember to share your creations with us by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook!

Until Next Time,

Bring on the Crunch!