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Enjoy the Simplicity

Don't enjoy being in the kitchen? Today's blog is about simplicity and ease. We are going to talk about something that almost everyone can relate with to some degree: not wanting to cook after a long day at work. Who else feels the every day stress and anxiety that can come with prepping dinner every day for the family after long hours at work? It can feel like work doesn’t really end.

We find that when we forgot our weekly meal prep it can be even more overwhelming having to leave work, go to the store, and meal prep on the spot for that evening’s meal. Once you plan and purchase your ingredients, you still have to drive home, cook, eat, and clean up. We all know that home made food is higher quality than take-out, and we know the ingredients used in each dish, but after so long of stressing about dinner, take-out is something we all fall back on.

We quickly learned that not only is weekly meal prepping a great idea to relieve the daily stress of thinking up dinner at work, but also dividing out the tasks among the family every night also helps. Have someone else in the family set the table, clean up the dishes, and if possible purchase all groceries needed for meals once a week to save some time on the commute home.

By meal planning and purchasing groceries weekly, as opposed to daily, you save time and energy. This allows for more family time, and we all crave that! Dividing out dinner duties is also a great way to relieve stress and can bring the entire family together. Children love helping and of course being recognized for a job well done. By appointing tasks to the younger ones, they too feel like they a part of the meal prep process and can make cooking in the kitchen enjoyable.

If you have older children, many families enjoy switching up who is in charge of the meal different days of the week. Have children plan for a couple days of the week while you are planning your weekly meals. They can join you at the store, or stop there themselves, to pick up the weekly groceries. This gives families the chance to take a break from being in the kitchen completely. We find this is another great way to relieve the daily stress of cooking. Rotate who will be in the kitchen each night.

When you are looking for quick and easy meals, we highly recommend looking at cooking magazines or online to find new and easy recipes. Health is so important and has become a hot topic around the nation. So many chefs and nutritionists have helped to create healthy recipes that are not only delicious, but simple as well, using just a few ingredients. Crockpot or slow cooker dishes are some of our favorites to prep. Put all the ingredients in the crockpot in the morning, close the lid, and go about your daily business. Once dinner comes around, serve. So simple and yet amazing!

Hopefully this gave you some ideas to help ease the daily stress of cooking, especially after working all day and not wanting to do anything but relax the rest of the evening. add-chile.png

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